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Get your dream home Constructed by the Best Architect in Chennai. DEEJOS was formed in 2008 with the goal of providing innovative architectural solutions. Through this experience, the firm has developed a sophisticated and thorough approach to design, technical development and document production. We are dedicated to providing a full range of architectural services and building excellence at every stage of the development process while understanding the client's needs. We use design to enrich people's lives.


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Working together to achive our clients goals isn't just wishful thinking. Its the way we get things done.


Our hands-on approach means we have better control over every aspect of every project - from schedule, to quality, to cost. It starts by being a build first, above all else.


Our Customer's needs are as unique as the buildings they imagine. We match resources and expertise precisely to fit these needs-from design phase services through completion.


Even the most forward-thinking technology is no substitute for good judgement. We have all the tools you need to succeed - and the insight about when to use them.


When you are considering having building work carried out at your home you will need to find out if planning permission is required. At this point you can either call Deejos Engineers and arrange a no obligation survey of the property or land in question, or alternatively you can contact your local council office. If you are a residential home owner please click here to find out more about the building process.

Deejos Engineers & Contractors provide the complete building service with a difference, within both the Domestic and Government sectors. We have a wealth of experience in completing projects on time and on budget. Our portfolio of work carried out till date ranges from Renovations & Extensions to Whole Complex Commercials & Residential Projects.

We aim to start most projects within 4-8 weeks from confirmation of your order to proceed with the project. This does vary from time to time and we can sometimes accommodate earlier start dates. This is mainly dependent on our current work load at any given time and also the size of a project.

Each quotation we submit is accompanied by an estimated project duration. Following an instruction to proceed with any given project, we will then produce a schedule/ programme of works. This will provide you with a guide to follow and monitor the progress on site and also enables you to plan your life around and alongside the building process.

Prices are dependent upon the size of the job. You can be assured that our prices are reasonable. Click the link to view the available construction packages.

We want our clients to be clients for life. If anything happens,please call us here at the office. Anyone who answers the phone will see to it that you are helped by the right person. Even if you have a question unrelated to the project we did with you, please feel free to call us. We have a wealth of information and resources, and we'd love to be of assistance to you. We offer a one year warranty on materials and labor on our work. Manufacturer warranties are specific to the appliance or fixture.

As part of our ongoing program of developing systems within our company to manage projects, we create a project schedule before we start the job. This allows us to control timing and costs, order materials in a timely manner, and allocate manpower so that there are no days where work is not underway on your project. The schedule is a working document and is revised regularly throughout the job. Your project manager will keep you informed of the work coming up, and you'll receive copies of revised schedules if/when change orders are requested or required. The schedule performs as a tool to ensure the project flows smoothly and efficiently until the last day.

Our volume allows us to purchase building materials at prices considerably below what the average Builder pays. Also, Deejos Engineers is a subsidiary of Deejos Interiors Pvt.Ltd. Both companies share offices and employees in order to hold our overhead to a minimum. These savings are passed on to our customers in the way of lower prices.

It is difficult to give an exact time frame for the completion of a home.There are many factors that affect the length of construction. Examples of items affecting the length of the construction process: Accessibility to the construction site, Adverse weather conditions, Utility issues, Size and configuration of the home, Attached garages,Basements, Hardwood, Laminate and/or Ceramic floor covering, change in orders, Scheduling issues. Inspections and the time of the year, just to mention a few. As a rule of thumb, we estimate approximately 180-250 days for construction for most of our standard homes.

yes. We would be happy to work with any of the design professionals you have already selected. We can facilitate a design/build approach just as well with outside design professionals.

Give us a call. We'll ask a series of questions to get a general idea of what you want and where you are in the process. We'll arrange to meet with you onsite to discuss the project,explain how we work, and map out the next steps specific to your project.

We've been in civil construction business since 2007. Deejos is now the most recognized construction contractor in chennai. Deejos being a Registered State Level Contractor of all Departments in TN Goverment, has completed hundreds job complicated civil projects.

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